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    My Old School

    In 1993, 16-year-old Brandon Lee walked into class at Bearsden Academy ready to start at...

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    Where is Anne Frank?

    “People will always find a minority to blame for the bad things that happen to...

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    Anaïs in Love

    A love story as warm and refreshing as the Parisian summer it’s set against, writer-director...

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    The Feast

    The likely winner of the award for the freakiest, strangest, most unsettling Welsh language film...

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    Helmed by My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia, Sprung is set...

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    Bad Sisters

    “Murder is fraud when there is a life policy to pay out”. While the authorities...

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    Five Days at Memorial

    Ethical ambiguity is the beating heart of Five Days at Memorial, the John Ridley and...

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    The Sandman

    The Sandman is a fantasy fable brought to the screen by DC Comics and adapted...

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Could solar-powered electric vehicles be the future on the road?

We live on a marvellous planet, and though it’s easy to talk about the imminent possibility of...