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    Dune: Part Two

    The road for Denis Villeneuve to bring his adaptations of Frank Herbert’s Dune series has...

  • Movie review
    Red Island

    From French writer-director Robin Campillo (120 BPM), Red Island is a visually rich coming-of-age...

  • Movie review
    The Greatest Love Story Never Told

    If there is one thing that Jennifer Lopez’s new media venture wants to...

  • Movie review

    Dementia can affect individuals in a number of different ways and levels of severity, but...

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  • Show review
    The Gentlemen

    Inspired by his 2019 film of the same name, Guy Ritchie brings the world of...

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    The New Look

    Apple TV+’s war-time drama The New Look chronicles the lives of Coco Chanel and Christian...

  • Show review
    Alice & Jack

    Alice & Jack charts the rocky romance between the titular Alice (Andrea Riseborough) and...

  • Show review

    In 2012, Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane introduced the world to Ted,...

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Path of Exile: Seven add-ons every player should have

Whether someone is embarking on their first expedition in Path of Exile or they’re a battle-hardened veteran...