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    The Apprentice

    Donald J Trump (Sebastian Stan) may be one of the most recognisable, imitated...

  • Cannes

    There is something about good animation that hits to the heart, whether it is Up,...

  • Cannes
    Limonov: The Ballad

    Eduard Limonov is one of the odder Russian literary figures. You may not...

  • Cannes
    The Substance

    In an infamous scene from Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character...

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  • Movie review

    There are moments in writer-director Luna Carmoon’s Hoard that are strange and unsettling to watch,...

  • Movie review
    Two Tickets to Greece

    Set against ethereal shots of the Greek coastline, Marc Fitoussi’s Two Tickets to Greece...

  • Movie review
    Tiger Stripes

    Tiger Stripes, the debut feature from Malaysian director Amanda Nell Eu, centres around rebellious...

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    La Chimera

    La Chimera is a story of lost love, exploration and hope. Anchored by the charismatic...

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    Shaznay Lewis at the Jazz Cafe

    A much-anticipated date in the music lover’s diary, All Saints frontwoman Shaznay...

  • Live music
    Dea Matrona

    Taking to the stage tonight is Irish rock duo Dea Matrona, composed of Orláith Forsythe...

  • Live music
    Kelly Jones at Alexandra Palace

    In the enchantingly ruins-plastered Victoria Theatre at Alexandra Palace, the...

  • Live music
    The Kills at Troxy

    The support acts preceded the inimitable Kills in what had been intentionally curated to be...

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  • Show review
    Bridgerton season three

    It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… a return to the Ton! Those well-known...

  • Show review
    The Big Cigar

    Based on Joshuah Bearman’s titular Playboy article, The Big Cigar is a countercultural crime caper...

  • Show review
    Dark Matter

    Events take a strange turn in Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter (a nine-part series adapted from...

  • Show review

    For all the promising fertile ground on which Franklin is sown, the overwhelming takeaway from...

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Tech, Games & Sport
The impact of 5G on mobile gaming: Faster, better, stronger

Looking at the numbers makes it impossible to deny that mobile gaming is booming. In 2023 alone,...

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