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    Sheffield DocFest 2024: Blur – To the End

    What keeps you motivated to keep working when you’re sleeping on...

  • Movie review

    June Squibb stars as the titular 93-year-old grandmother in writer-director Josh Margolin’s feature...

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    Chuck Chuck Baby

    Written and directed by Welsh filmmaker Janis Pugh, Chuck Chuck Baby is an endearingly peculiar...

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    “When you said you used to chase tornadoes, I thought it was just a metaphor!”...

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    Those About to Die

    As the man behind high-octane blockbusters Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, Roland...

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    Based on the series of books from Tony DiTerlizzi, WondLa follows Eva (Jeanine Mason), a young...

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    The Bear season three

    The Bear has proved to be a smash hit for Disney+, depicting the chaotic environment...

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    My Lady Jane

    History is written by the winners. And men (who also happen to be the winners)....

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